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Our Horses are more than just horses.  They are teachers, they are friends & they are REALLY good listeners.

Rover  also known as 'Rovin to Bet' is a Thoroughbred       

Rover is the most curious of our horses, don't plan on having any buckets in the arena, Rover will pick them up or knock them over to check for snacks.  Rover came to us from Colorado, his last owner Jim who still comes to visit, swears that Rover saved his life!  He is a sure footed guy who's been there & done that, but all the jumping he did earlier in life has caused him to have Navicular.  Rover needs special shoes and supplements daily so he can enjoy life in the barn, and continue his important work of being an Equestars horse.     Rover's Wish List    

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Tara     also known as "The Princess"  is a registered Arabian 'Tiara on Fire' 

Tara is our go-to-gal.  Tara is our only mount under 15 hands tall at the moment, so she gets all the small riders who are worried about being on such a huge animal.  She is very understanding of her riders, english or western.  She is an easy mover, but also content to stand still.  Tara doesn't seem to mind doing anything we ask her to as long as she gets a treat at the end of the ride!       Tara's Wish List

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Schroeder    AQHA red dun gelding registered as 'Oil Slick'

Schroeder is a ham, he firmly belives that any attention is good attention!  Wheather it's a rider learning to lope or canter or a rider who likes to lead him around & stick their fingers up his nose.  Schro loves to play games and has been an amazing addition to our Equestars family thanks to his 'mom' Mallory Cohen who showed Schroeder on the NM State Equestrian team.      Schroeder's Wish List

Sponsored By:  Someone who loves him very much!

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