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Santa Fe Equestars offers riding lessons at a reduced rate, so everyone can participate.  We also have a scholarship program, because we can't bear to turn anyone away! 


Here are just a few of our riders who wanted you to get to know them:

Gia LOVES animals especially horses & dogs!  She has been riding for 15 years, and actually had horses at home when she was younger.  Gia is 29 years old and the youngest of 5 children.  If you were to see Gia ride you would hear her tell her horse 'Whoa'.  Gia successfully accomplished an 'Around the World' while her horse was walking this session.  That's when Gia turns sideways in the saddle, then rides backwards (like in her picture), sideways facing the opposite direction and back to front again all without the horse stopping!  This exercise challenges Gia's balance & increases confidence.  Gia is also working on being patient & following directions during her riding lessons, and we hope to see her steer her horse independently through an obstacle course in 2008.

Nancy & Indie ride with us first thing in the morning.  Indie is a 3 year-old self-proclaimed Cowgirl Princess, she comes complete with her pink cowboy boots to every lesson.  Indie's mom, Nancy, has Multiple Sclerosis, somedays she is very tired or has trouble feeling her fingers & toes, other days she's ready to trot into the sunset with Schroeder....we all LOVE those days!  But you know eve on Nancy's best days, Indie still manages to win musical stalls, red light green light or whatever game we play that day!  Every year Nancy, Indie & 'Dad' (Mike) participate in a 2 day MS Bike-a-thon.  To donate to their annual trek to raise money for a cure, click here! http://www.ms150.org/edon.cfm?id=217919  To learn more about MS please visit www.nationalmssociety.org

Karma has been riding horses for years, she & her family came to Equestars after Hurricane Katrina.  When Karma was asked what she has learned at Equestars she said, "I learned about where my feed are supposed to go.  I know how to put tack on Tara.  Me & Tara like to trot!"  Karma can't wait until she's able to canter!

Karma, like many of our riders, has autism which effects her ability to communicate & interact with others.  1.5 million Americans live with an autism spectrum disorder, that's 1 in 150 kids and numbers are on the rise.  For more information please visit www.autism-society.org

If you would like to Sponsor A Dream through our scholarship program please click here.