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Wish List

Below you will find our Wish List, we are a 501(c)3 non-profit, so all donations are tax-deductible.  We'll accept these items no matter where you purchase them, but whenever you purchase anything (for us OR for you) from Country Supply or www.horse.com please enter our code Equestars as your Country Care code at check out, and we'll get up to 5% cash back every month!  So next to many of the wish list items you'll find their Country Supply order code!

Our tack room was broken into Monday December 3rd.  Many of our saddles & all of our bridles were taken.  Items on our wish list noted with stars ** are replacements to the items that were stolen from us.  Thank you for helping!

Country Supply Wish List:

**14" Western Saddle WKS11 $289.99 or WKS07 $269.99

13" Western Youth Saddle WKS07  $269.99

**12" Atec Youth Saddle WKR09 $184.99

SPIRIT Helmet Small Periwinkle RXM40   $34.99

SPIRIT Helmet Medium Violet RXM40  $34.99

Equi-Lite Helmet Large Navy RXL10  $22.99

3-step mounting block BRW48 $63.95 + $35 s&h

Treat Pan BSF56  $1.69

Horsemen's One-Step Saddle Cleaner BPA1007 $28.99 or BPA1015 $4.99

Lexol Quick Wipes for saddle cleaning BPL05-WIP $4.29

Year-round Wormer Packs BBK10 3 @ $21.99

Horseshoer's Secret Hoof Conditinoer BIA55 $14.89

Swinging Arm Blanket & Pad Rack BRW38 $49.99

Other Items:

**2 Horse sized English Bridles

**Cob Sized English Bridle

Horse Treats!


Why Horses Do That FBL23  $9.95

Natural Horsemanship by Pat Parelli FBJ48  $12.99

Games on Horseback FBJ79  $12.95

How to be your own Veterinarian $15.79

Centered Riding by Sally Swift

Sign Language (with lots of pictures please!)


Cerebral Palsy

The Horse's Wish Lists:

Rover                            Schroeder                Tara

Office Supplies:                                       

Stamps                                Manila Envelopes                                        Puff Paints

Copy Paper                            New Wireless Internet Receiver                2 drawer locking file cabinet

Dry Erase Markers                Color Copier/Printer                                Dreamweaver Software

Poster Boards                        blue & yellow copy paper                    Laminating Papers (we have the machine)

Program Supplies:

rubber gloves                        bleach                                        cleaning wipes

window cleaner                        paper towels                            kleenex

laundry detergent                    waterproofing spray                Rechargeable C Batteries

Other items:

An outdoor mounting ramp (if you would be willing to donate the lumber OR build it...please contact us)  Lumber estimate $800

Sun cover for new outdoor ramp.  Lumber estimate $225

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