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Please help Equestars through these sponsors:


Many of our horses are available for monthly or annual sponsorship.  By sponsoring a horse you are supplying feed, supplements, shoes, standard veterinary care, and other expenses for that specific horse.  Sponsorship is available to individuals, companies, clubs, or any other organization.

With the annual sponsorship of a horse you will receive:  a frame-able picture of your horse, A tax deductible donation receipt, you name engraved in brass on the stall door, recognition here on the Equestars website as well as in Equestars publications. Our program wouldn't be possible without our amazing equines, and they wouldn't be possible without YOU!  Thank you!

Fill out this form to be contacted about sponsoring a horse, call the office at (505) 424-9550 or e-mail us info@equestars.org

Pick your horse:     Rover    Schroeder    Tara

Would you like to sponsor for:    One Month $250       One Year $3000

Name, Company or Group:   

Address:                  City                                   

State    Zip 

Daytime Phone            E-mail  

Thank You!!!